Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Why I dyed my hair ginger

For four months now, I haven't pulled my hair out. For someone who has trichotillomania it's incredibly hard to stop pulling hair and by stopping myself from pulling was a challenge. I would to thank people who've helped me.

The reason i dye my hair was because I wanted to start showing respect to myself as I've always hated my natural colour and for the past years, I've semi-dyed my hair but this time is different. Not only have I permanently dyed my hair but I wanted to celebrate how well I've been doing with my progress. 

I've already had some bad comments about my hair, people saying that they want me to stay dark brunette which I absolutely hate. I've had people make fun of my hair colour. I wanted to show people that I am a strong person and that I'm trying my hardest to beat trichotillomania which as made me so down for six years, I just want to prove to people who've told me that I can never get better that I can get better.

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